Join us on Wednesday, August 8th for our VERY Exclusive Event for Greyson Capital Group!

Event Topic and Guest Speaker:

TOPIC: 10 Steps to Submitting a Winning Offer
SPEAKER: Mark Kenney-Think Multifamily (Our Mentor)

Mark and Tamiel started investing 24 years ago with purchasing 2-4 unit properties in their small Michigan town. They now own over 2700 apartment units in Dallas, Atlanta, & Memphis. Mark will share the steps he uses to make offers on apartments. He purchased 1200 units last year alone.

Mark began his career as an Accountant and CPA, then progressed to IT and eventually started his own IT Company. Now Mark & Tamiel are full-time real estate investors.

Mark and Tamiel have 2 children, age 10 & 13, who are entrepreneurs and junior real estate investors!

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We are so excited to have this level of knowledge in the building! Can’t wait for everyone to meet them, they are amazing people and mentors.