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Come to learn why investors are flocking to Apartment (Multi-family) Investing. We explore how to invest passively in Apartments while you continue to work the job you love. We also dig into the steps to get started and provide lessons learned, for the Newbie Passive Investor to the Experienced Syndicator.

If you want to learn how to start investing in apartments or want to expand your current knowledge and benefit from our experience and network, join us!

We believe in building relationships that will stand the test of time. We want to bring value to you and help you expand your portfolio through apartment investing.

Come to Experience The FIRE!

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Some Of The Topics That Will Be Covered Are...


  • How to Invest in Apartments while working Full-Time
  • Finding Additional Sources of Money to Invest
  • The Role of a Passive Investor and Your Legal Rights
  • Multifamily vs. Other Investments - (pros/cons to multifamily investing)
  • Self-Directed IRA vs. Solo 401K vs. QRP - (knowing the difference could save you thousands of dollars in taxes)
  • Syndication - How to Raise Capital to take your Investing Portfolio to the next level
  • How to know if your investment is on track
  • How to Find & Analyze Deals
  • How to Understand a K1 tax form for Real Estate Investors


  • Investor Panel - (lessons learned that can help save you time, money, energy, and lots of head aches)
  • Understanding a Rent Roll & Trailing 12
  • Tax Advantages of Multifamily Investing - (do you know it’s possible to pay $0 in taxes on your multifamily investments)
  • Typical Deal Structures (deal splits, preferred returns, waterfalls)
  • How to Determine if a Deal is Good - (learn to analyze a deal in a matter of minutes including rules of thumb to know if a deal makes sense)
  • New Technology that will help you streamline your real estate business
  • Pitfalls to Avoid

About Justin Richards

Co-founder President of Greyson Capital Group. Justin has eight professional years of multifamily property experience with competencies spanning physical asset management and leasing, customer relations, and collections.

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