Come Join the fun! Brandon Krieg and his friends at REI got Aaron & I into this business years ago. These guys are not only a great group but they are full of knowledge and are more than willing to share with those who want to learn!

Greyson Capital Group & Think Multifamily Meet up Sponsors Local REI MeetUp
Buffalo Wild Wings , 2720 44th St SW,Wyoming,MI
Starting on
April 9, 2018
Ending on
April 9, 2018
Details Are you a newer investor looking to jump into the game? Do you have a couple of deals under your belt, but want to learn some better techniques? Or are you an experienced real estate pro willing to lend a hand to a new investor? Welcome to Newbie Night. At this meetup, we want to welcome folks who HAVEN'T been in the game for years, and perhaps could use a little push to get to the next level. Experienced folks will share some stories about how THEY got started. We'll break up into topic groups, so you can learn more whether you're interested in flipping, buy and hold investments, or wholesaling. And of course, we'll have plenty of time for great networking. As always, our events are FREE! If you've been in the game a while, don't be put off by the name of the event. As always, we will have our fantastic Haves and Wants section, where you can find your next partner, deal, client, or contractor. And who knows... the newbie you help today might be a key partner tomorrow. This session is sponsored by Greyson Capital Group and Think Multifamily Real Estate investing. If you want to learn how to start investing in apartments or want to expand your current knowledge and benefit from our experience and network, give them a look! - As always, our room is sponsored by the Rental Property Owners Association. Learn about the fantastic training, discounts, advocacy, and more they provide at Enjoy great food, networking, learning, and deal making. See you there!
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