Justin Richards

Justin is a partner in Greyson Capital Group LLC, a value add multifamily investing firm that buys apartment complexes in the sunbelt of the United States. Greyson Capital Group LLC has just finished an incredible month where they close on 3 properties in 1 month.

Key Points From This Episode

  • Justin talks about how to change your mind set to that of an investor
  • Justin talks about how he got his "feet in the game."
  • The importance of attraction partners and people in the industry
  • Beware of people who claim they have a flawless record
  • The Real Estate Industry is an industry that challenge and force personal growth
  • Justin talks about his partners and first deal
  • Greyson Capital Group invests in Memphis and Florida.
  • Be a life style investor
  • Greyson Capital invests in Memphis B & C properties from German Town to the airport. Memphis has a Pilot Program which is a Tax Deferment Program where if you put 50% of the value of the bulding into renovation the city will cut your taxes in half for 10 to 15 years.
  • Memphis is the cash flow market of the East
  • Florida has popluation growth and a great climate
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About Justin Richards

Co-founder President of Greyson Capital Group. Justin has eight professional years of multifamily property experience with competencies spanning physical asset management and leasing, customer relations, and collections.

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