Greyson Capital Group was born out of a need to create a simple and easy way for us and our clients to directly invest in companies and receive a steady source of positive returns from our investments.

As busy professionals ourselves when we started, we understand the pressures that are associated with high profile professional success, the competing needs of satisfying familial and charitable obligations along with retirement planning. We know what it feels like to be viewed as an open wallet by financial planners, insurance agents, and every individual with the “next great idea”.

We also understand that managing your professional success does not necessarily mean that you want to actively manage every aspect of your financial portfolio. So we created Greyson Capital Group to give our clients three things: Principle Protection, Steady Returns, Peace of mind.


Our vision is to Develop and Aquire beautiful and unique Income producing properties around the world. We strive to create a lifestyle based investment company that helps our employees, investors and residents achieve “the good life.” What is the good life? The good life means financial security, looking towards the future, being prepared for what comes next and making smart investments to get you there. How can you do this? Rely on Greyson Capital Group to turn your financial dreams into a reality. Our investment team is composed of highly trained and experienced professionals that are committed to you.


Greyson Capital Group achieves it’s Vision by providing opportunities to confidently be part of alternative investments around the world. We can achieve this by leading with integrity, accountability, and transparency as well as building a team of highly skilled experts to find, vet, and acquire these unique lifestyle based investments. We separate ourselves from wall street by investing along side our clients in real assets that we can exert a higher level of control over than traditional Wall street proxy investments.

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